Budgeting for your Italian Wedding

Budgeting for your Italian Wedding

The great thing about choosing to have your Wedding in Italy is that your budget can go a long way, without compromising on quality. With a great range of locations and themes, Italy is a desirable option for many couples wanting a Destination Wedding.

Based on location, we have put together some typical pricing options to help you understand what can be achieved within your budget.

On The Italian Lakes the rental fee for a Villa varies significantly according to the venue, time of year and the Lake itself. For example, Villas on Lake Como are typically more expensive than Lake Maggiore or Lake Orta. It is worth noting that Villas which offer accommodation usually require all rooms to be fully booked. Italian Wedding reception prices start from a minimum of €150 per person and do not include evening open bar and 10% vat. Food and beverage is very often provided by either external caterers or by the internal venue caterer.

Unlike Villas or Castles, Restaurants on the Italian Lakes do not require a rental fee. Prices for a wedding reception in a lakeside restaurant start from €100 per person, excluding open bar and vat.

Weddings in Tuscany and Weddings in Umbria offer more options in terms of venues and therefore can accommodate different budgets. Villas and Castles have a rental fee and wedding receptions start from €100 per person, open bar and vat excluded.

Agriturismi, which is a typical Tuscan farmhouse, do not require a rental fee, however more often than not, you will be required to exclusively hire the venue including accommodation for a set number of nights. The number of nights varies according to the season and is usually between 3 nights to 1 week, in peak season. Some venues may allow you not to book all the rooms, but in this case, exclusivity on the wedding day is not guaranteed.

Whether offered by an external caterer or by the venue itself, a Tuscany Wedding reception usually starts from €90 per person,inc.buffet aperitif, a three course seated meal with wine and wedding cake.

Similar to the Italian Lakes, rental fees are not necessary for Italian Wedding receptions in Restaurants. Costs start from €90 per person. Whilst some Restaurants have big outdoor and indoor spaces, most venues do not allow an evening party with DJ and dancing after midnight usually due to the proximity to residential areas. In this case, if you have rented a holiday Villa or farmhouse to be accommodated with your family and friends, you continue your celebrations there.

In Puglia, Masserie are the equivalent of a Tuscan Agriturismi. On top of being beautiful Italian Wedding Venues, they also offer accommodation which needs to be rented for a minimum number of nights. For this reason, rental fees are not required. Prices for the catering service vary from €130 to €160 per person, vat and evening bar excluded.

Typically prices for Photographers, Florists, Hair and Make-up artists and Musicians vary on quality and not on location, and these prices typically remain static across Italy.

When planning your budget, other things to consider are the time of year you want to get married, and even the day of the week. These two elements alone can have a significant impact on your budget.

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