Getting married in Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

Thanks to its mild climate, beautiful coasts, rich art and history and a rich food tradition, Campania is one of Italy’s most visited southern regions. Overseas, the region is better known for Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento. These, as well as other beautiful parts of the region, offer great settings for a Destination Wedding.

Campania is a land of varied and compelling sceneries. Its coast offers bays, coves and a sea of intense colours. While inland, the flourishing Mediterranean vegetation alternates with small charming villages, abundant with history and traditions.

Naples is an historic and archaeological city which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. The city overlooks the Gulf of Naples and offers a breath-taking panorama which stretches from the Vesuvius volcano to the island of Capri, Ischia and the less famous Procida. Wedding Venues in Naples abounds with options to celebrate your wedding from majestic Hotels, to private elegant Villas or traditional restaurants, all within a short distance from the seaside and city centre.

Capri is an island that offers a landscape of wild beauty, with precipitous coats and caves. It is also a great Italian Wedding Destination as it offers an intimate destination to spend a few days with family and friends, thanks to its lovely boutiques, shops and restaurants. Further north, Ischia offers an equally charming wedding venue. It is mainly renowned for its spa waters where seawater mixes with hot water from the thermo-mineral springs, crystal clear waters, unspoiled coves and beaches. This small island also has a vibrant center which evolves around the Port, with lovely shops, bars and charming taverns where you can enjoy fresh local food and listen to traditional music. These beautiful gems are only a short ferry ride away from Naples.

Campania’s biggest destination is the Amalfi Coast with its dramatic landscape of mountains plunging into the sea, inland forests, picturesque villages and breath-taking views.

The Amalfi coast offers beautiful gems such as Amalfi and Positano on the coast, the cliff top resort of Sorrento, the less touristic Salerno and the panoramic mountaintop Ravello. Sorrento and Salerno are the two main entry points to the coast. The former, a cliff-top resort, has miraculously survived the onslaught of package tourism while Salerno is a workaday port with an unhurried charm and vibrant historic centre. From small characteristic villages to elegant Hotels and grand Villas with incredible views of the coast, a Wedding on the Amalfi Coast offers an abundance of romantic and unforgettable Destination Wedding Venues.

One of the areas which is least visited by tourists but which equally offers an unforgettable setting for a Destination Wedding is Cilento, which lays in the southern part of the Amalfi Coast. Cilento is renowned for its National Park and offers unpretentious beach wedding venues as well as more private villas and bed and breakfast venues.

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