How long does it take to plan a wedding?

As Italian wedding planners, we often get asked; “how long does it take to plan a wedding?” In this blog we aim to offer some insight into how we prioritise planning and organising a wedding in Italy.

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Do you need an Italian Wedding Planner?

Are you Getting Married in Italy and thinking about hiring an Italian Wedding Planner? This blog aims to objectively set out some of the main reasons why couples choose a professional Italian Wedding Planner to help organise and deliver their Destination Wedding.


Getting Married on the Italian Lakes

For many couples a Wedding on the Italian Lakes epitomise the perfect setting for a romantic Wedding in Italy. However when it comes to choosing your Italian Wedding Destination, which Lake should you choose?


Tuscany Wedding Venues

Tuscany has a timeless familiarity with its iconic architecture, gently rolling hills and sculptural cypress alleys. This region in central Italy is picture postcard material. Golden wheat fields, silver olive groves and pea-green vineyards, all of which, make for the perfect backdrop to a dream Wedding in Tuscany.


Getting married in Naples, Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast

Thanks to its mild climate, beautiful coasts, rich art and history and a rich food tradition, Campania is one of Italy’s most visited southern regions. Overseas, the region is better known for Naples, the Amalfi Coast, Capri and Sorrento. These, as well as other beautiful parts of the region, offer great settings for wedding receptions and a holiday with friends and family.


Getting Married in Florence

Florence provides a romantic backdrop for any couple considering a destination Italian Wedding in Tuscany. The unforgettable beauty of Florence make it a perennially popular choice with brides and grooms-to-be. Contact us to find out more about getting Married in Florence.


Getting Married in Umbria

Umbria is one of the most naturally beautiful regions in Italy. Located almost exactly in the centre, it’s known as the ‘green heart’ of the country, due to its number of verdant rolling meadows and hills; and it provides great appeal for those exploring the option of weddings in Italy.


Practical Tips when Choosing your Caterer

Choosing the right suppliers for your wedding is an essential step which will reflect in the small details of your big day. In a series of blogs we are writing about some key things to look out for when choosing a supplier, starting with your caterer.


Romantic Puglia, Italy’s best kept Secret Wedding Destination

For the past few centuries, Italians have been keeping a big secret from the rest of the world; and it goes by the name of Puglia. It’s one of Italy’s most scenic regions, with quaint coastal towns, acres of lush farmland, sun-kissed olive groves and vast stretches of sandy beaches.


Budgeting for your Italian Wedding

The great thing about choosing to have your wedding in Italy is that your budget can go a long way, without compromising on quality. With a great range of locations, themes and a strong pound, Italy is a desirable option for many couples wanting to get married abroad.