Romantic Puglia, Italy’s best kept Secret Wedding Destination

For the past few centuries, Italians have been keeping a big secret from the rest of the world; and it goes by the name of Puglia. It’s one of Italy’s most scenic regions, with quaint coastal towns, acres of lush farmland, sun-kissed olive groves and vast stretches of sandy beaches. It’s a top holiday destination for Italians up and down the country, but for the rest of Europe, it’s still fairly unknown. Located on the ‘heel’ of Italy’s ‘boot-shaped’ landscape, Puglia’s coastal location, combined with its jutting position (pointing out towards the Mediterranean sea), means that it has absorbed centuries worth of culture, history and tradition from countless far-flung lands. This goes a long way to explaining the region’s rich cultural ambiance. It’s also known as one of the ‘foodie capitals’ of the country, and boasts excellent cuisine, fantastic wine and flavoursome olive oil.

The climate in Puglia

Glorious landscape and excellent food aside, Puglia also boasts an enjoyably balmy climate. Rain is a rare occurrence and temperatures are high, which makes this the ideal destination for spring and autumn weddings. In fact, for couples looking to keep costs down, it’s entirely possible to have an out of season wedding here and still benefit from plenty of sunshine.

The weather remains warm until as late as October; and even in November, it’s not uncommon to be able to enjoy the beach! However, if you’re looking for a scorching beach wedding, July and August are the months to book; and you’re really spoilt for choice with 80 km of sandy shores.

Where to get married?

It very much depends on what sort of Italian Wedding you want to have. If idyllic coastal scenery is a top priority, there are some luxury beach clubs, or alternatively, if you want to capture the flavour of traditional Puglia, book your big day in a Masseria. These are traditional farmhouses, which offer a real sense of the rustic charm of the region, but the interiors are often updated to offer a more luxurious setting for the wedding. More often than not, they’re nestled deep within the heart of the verdant countryside, which creates a wonderfully rural atmosphere.

Most Puglia Wedding Venues will offer accommodation onsite, which makes life considerably easier for family and friends. However, if you do require additional accommodation, then a trulli hamlet is a really unique option to select. A trullo is a traditional stone hut with a distinctive conical roof; and they are very much associated with the region, which will give your guests remarkable insight into the traditional side of Puglia.

What to do after the wedding?

There’s plenty to do in Puglia after the wedding; and your guests may want to linger in the area in order to get the most from their stay. Apart from the outstanding beaches, there are some fascinating historic cities (such as the decadently Baroque city of Lecce or the ‘white’ city of Otranto) and in summer, the region comes alive with a succession of colourful food festivals, where visitors can sample some of the local delicacies.

How to get to Puglia?

Puglia is really easy to get to. It’s served by two international airports, one at Bari and the other at Brindisi.

The region offers magical landscapes, great food and plenty of atmosphere, but best of all, it’s not well known (yet) as a wedding destination. This has really helped in terms of maintaining its unspoilt, authentic Italian ambiance. However, it seems that other Europeans are already starting to notice the region’s natural charms, so it may not be a secret for much longer!

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