A Tuscany wedding reflects a unique and timeless quality
Tuscany has an ageless familiarity with its iconic architecture, hilltop villages, gently rolling hills and sculptural cypress alleys. This region in central Italy is picture postcard material and makes for the perfect backdrop to a romantic Tuscany wedding.

The glorious countryside with stretches of pea-green vineyards, yellow sunflower fields and silver olive groves has been painted and captured in photographs by many. If this picture perfect panorama is what you are dreaming of for your Italy wedding you will have a finest selection of venues to consider.

Luxury Tuscany Villas or a wedding Castle, with manicured gardens and breath-taking views over the surrounding panoramas, are the perfect choice if you are looking for an intimate and refined Tuscany wedding. For those looking for a more relaxed setting , the traditional local farmhouses may be a more suitable option.

If your heart is set on making the most of the Tuscan history and architectural beauties and combine tradition with elegance, why not choosing to get married in a Medieval town? Whether it is the Renaissance grandeur of Florence or the cobbled roads of a walled town, you can choose among exquisite boutique Hotels with sprawling vibrant piazzas on their doorsteps.

Although Tuscany is well known for its countryside, this region ticks all the boxes by having a stunning coastline too. From a beach facing Hotel to venue tucked away in the countryside only a few minutes away from the coast, you can certainly opt for a seaside holiday feel whilst enjoying the charming panoramas.

Whatever your style and taste, click below to see a small selection of our Tuscany wedding venues, head to our portfolio to see some of our Tuscany weddings or contact our Tuscany wedding planners to discover all the venues options available based on your requirements.
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